Write and shoot
branching movies

On Whatifi, viewers tell the movie where to go. They watch, debate and decide what happens next. Whatifi Studios is our writing and production platform. We’d love to read your pitch!

Deadline extended to July 9


to write and produce your movie (or $35k for your script)

in 120 days

We’ll help you succeed all the way


by young viewers who’d love to take control of your movie



$1 millionprize pool

$1 millionprize pool

Write and direct an original story or adapt a public-domain classic. If your script is chosen, you or your team will get up to $200,000 to produce it.



$175,000prize pool

$175,000prize pool

Write an original script or adapt a public-domain classic. If your script is chosen, you’ll get $35,000.

Pick your


Original story

In traditional film you make a series of choices and deliver The End, leaving alternatives unexplored. Not here. In a branching story, you’re free to unpack all compelling incarnations of your storyverse. Bring all otherwise discarded ghosts, regrets, and dead trails back to life. Map multiple paths, plots and fates. It’s like climate modeling, but with less depressing scenarios. Possibly.


Remix a classic

Pre-1925 books and films are in the public domain, ready to be remixed. Explore untapped choices and outcomes. Shift genres and mess with plot and characters. Use our method to split the original premise into 16 paths, giving viewers four choices in each. Leave one homage path true to the original. And Bob’s your uncle!

your entry

Pitch or brief synopsis.
Story map. Partial script.

That’s all for the first round. No full scripts unless invited to the final round. (Yay!)

Set up your account and submit your entry in Whatifi Studios. It’ll have a sample pitch, storymapping tool, script template, and other support material.


A movie written and released in 120 days? We move fast here. Makes industry veterans tremble. Not you, of course.

It’ll take discipline. But we’ll get through it, together. And when the world sees your movie, it’ll be magical!

First round

Pitch deadline July 9, 2020
Qualifiers notified July 26, 2020
Up to 20 entries will qualify for the final round. Each qualifying entry will receive $2,000 for their work so far.

Final round

Script deadline August 16, 2020
Winners notified September 9, 2020
All finalists who submit a full qualifying script will get $2,000. The jury will also pick up to five winners in each category. Winning screenwriters will receive an additional $35,000 for their script. Winning writer-directors will get $200,000 to make their movie.


Script polished by September 23, 2020
Movie released November 7, 2020
Winning films must be produced and finalized for release on Whatifi in about two months after winning.

What happens
if you win?


Script only

We’ll pick up to five winning screenplays. If you wrote one of them, you or your writing team gets $35,000.
If all goes well, we’ll match your script with a worthy director and produce the movie.

Full productions

Up to five writer-directors (or teams) will get up to $200,000 to produce their movie.
We’ll help you polish the script and off you go!

In either case, our executive producers will provide close guidance and support. This is likely your first time writing and/or shooting a branching movie. We’ve honed our method for ten years, so we'll help you avoid the common pitfalls.

In the end, we’ll release your movie to a worldwide Whatifi audience. It’ll be great!


To be eligible, be a legal resident of the US, the UK, or Canada. For full terms, click on the button below. To avoid any misunderstanding regarding eligibility, rights, process, etc., you’ll need to sign an Assignment Agreement. It’ll confirm your acceptance of our terms. Without it, we cannot accept your entry. Sad but true.